Carbide End Mills

硬質合金立銑刀是一種銑刀cutting tooth on the circumference and at the bottom and to shave metals, etc., by rotating at high speeds. They are capable of machining in various forms as well as flat-surface / groove machining. The material used for the cutting tooth is carbide made in combination of tungsten and cobalt. On their surface, coatings such as weld-resistant coating, heat-resistant coating, coating with high-hardness, etc., are given to allow for machining of many types of materials from aluminum alloy to high-hardness steel. Heat generation and cutting resistance can be reduced by the use of cutting fluids for longer tool lifespan. High-speed cutting can reduce the machining hours and also their durability is excellent; they are used in machine tools such as machining centers and CNC milling machines for mold machining, parts machining, etc. Carbide end mills that have worn out after a long period of use can be reused by polishing the cutting tooth.
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