Specialized Wiring Tool Accessories

Dedicated tools (optional/others) are optional items used when working with dedicated tools. There are locators and atters for manual crimping tools, optical fiber self-made work sets, and replacement molds. Locators for manual crimping tools are used in semi-automatic crimping machines when connecting various crimping connectors. Completely equipped with dedicated crimping tools and crimping machines, it is convenient for mass connection with small manual crimping tools. The atter is a magnet detector for marking the drilling points of a hole saw. Some are equipped with a horizontal level that is convenient for installation, while others are capable of marking two points in a snowman-shaped hole at the same time. The optical fiber self-made work set is a tool set that allows you to make your own optical fiber cables, such as LC connectors and SC connectors. It features a manual and can be created immediately.


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