Contract Design & Manufacturing for the Medical Industry

Contract Design and Manufacturing (CD&M) is a common practice in the capital medical equipment industry. Large manufacturers hire firms that specialize in manufacturing and product design for manufacturing to bring products quickly to competitive markets. These firms are called CD&M firms, and they specialize in taking a high-level product concept, fully developing the design, and bringing the products to life in a manufacturing environment. Outsourcing these activities to specialized design/build firms allows large corporations with recognizable brands to focus their efforts on high-level, conceptual product design and marketing sales and promotions. These CD&M firms are able to furnish these corporations with turnkey solutions for a wide range of products across a diverse array of market segments within the expansive medical device and consumer product industries.

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For background, turnkey and CD&M suppliers operate in all industries and product spaces. In essence, these firms typically specialize in just a few industries and manufacturing processes. Some turnkey suppliers even limit themselves to one specific product (e.g., computer circuit board printing) or manufacturing process (e.g., injection molding). With such specialization, CD&M firms are highly specialized and perfectly positioned to swiftly meet the needs of industry segments.

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Within their given field of expertise, many firms are to handle almost the entirety of the product design process and are able to incorporate a large number of product customizations and unique features into the product design. From here, the CD&M firm can implement manufacturing procedures and processes to fabricate the components and assemblies. With these completed, the products are ready for their full production runs at the CD&M facilities.

A handful of large medical consumable equipment companies have found it extremely beneficial to outsource the design and manufacturer of the large fixed asset equipment needed to produce high volume medical consumable supplies such as saline bags, catheters, syringes, and diagnostic test equipment. Additionally, sometimes medical equipment manufacturers will even outsource the design and manufacture of smaller medical equipment/products. This is done primarily to ensure that the product can be brought to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, sometimes small biotechnology startup firms with a finished design in mind will employ medical CD&M companies specifically to leverage their expertise in manufacturing alone. This enables these biotechnology firms to quickly bring their extremely unique, cutting edge products to market before other startups within the highly competitive space.

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Some of the most recognizable names in the CD&M industry that specialize in medical device design and manufacture are corporations such as Flextronics, Sanmina, Jabil, ATS, Korvis, and GENER8. These companies stand ready with a diverse toolkit of resources to bring any medical product to market quickly and efficiently.

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